Designing Their Dream Home

Welcome Home With Jon And Toria | Fischer Homes

Jon and Toria have chosen their dream home, the Blair. Next, they had the opportunity to choose their selections at our Lifestyle Design Center. With hundreds of options available, their new home will be unique to their taste and truly feel like home.

Read below for Toria’s most recent blog about visiting the Lifestyle Design Center or click here to view.

“Now for the real fun… It’s time to make our selections!

If you’ve been following along our journey, you know that Jon and I are building a house! We fell in love with Fischer Homes’ Blair model, and we’ve picked our homesite! Now it’s the next step in making our dream home a reality…picking out all the finishes that will make our home unique to us!

Prior to making our appointment with the Fischer Homes Design Center, Jon and I felt a little overwhelmed. We’d never done anything like this before, and we had some ideas of what we wanted for certain rooms in the house, but for other rooms, we were completely clueless!

We were so relieved when we went to the preview days that the Design Center offers. We went on a Saturday, walked through each aisle—from cabinets, to flooring, to countertops and tile. We were given a helpful guide to mark down certain items we liked, the color, the name, etc. Going to the preview day seriously made the world of difference. It gave us a better idea of what we wanted and where to start, and we could go at our own pace.

So, when we walked in for our scheduled Selections Appointment, that overwhelming feeling was immediately gone! We were greeted by Kristie, the Design Coordinator, and she accompanied us the entire time.

First, she went over the blueprints of our home, from electrical outlets, windows, doors, ceiling fan placements, etc., as a reminder of the choices we’d already made.

Then we moved into each room individually—kitchen, living room, master bedroom and bath, additional bathrooms and bedrooms, laundry room and study. While going through every room, she was so thorough and educated on every item, from tile to cabinets. When we were stumped, she was right there to help with great design advice!

We were so impressed with the selections Fischer Homes had to offer. There were styles and finishes to suit different preferences, but all of them are on trend. There are so many options to mix and match that are all complementary of each other. It was fun to find the ones that fit our taste and lifestyle.

We left feeling so complete and satisfied with our choices! We can’t wait for you to see everything we picked out! We think you’ll love it just as much as we do! In the meantime, check out our Pinterest board we referenced for inspiration during our visit.”