Top Cities for College Grads

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Your Next Move

After graduating college, the next obstacle to tackle is finding a career, choosing the best location to live, and discovering the home options available. When looking at the best location for young professionals to live, SmartAsset found the top 25 cities based on jobs, fun, and affordability.

Overall, the Midwest trended toward the best places to live. It featured great opportunities for job openings and career growth, and lower than average costs of living. As a result, cities in the Midwest are now the headquarter location of choice for many Fortune 500 companies including Kroger, Procter and Gamble, Fifth Third Bank, and many others. After finding your dream job, the next step is finding your dream home.

Finding Your New Home

Fischer Homes builds in five of the top 25 cities for college grads: Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, Indianapolis, and Atlanta.

Columbus, Ohio ranks number one in its affordability, high employment rate, and the large population of young professionals. Cincinnati, Ohio is listed second due to affordable housing and cost of living, allowing you to save more. In addition, Louisville, Kentucky has the highest average earning for a college graduate in the top ten list. Indianapolis, Indiana rounds off the top 10 with modest housing costs and strong earning potential for recent graduates. Finally, Atlanta, Georgia is high on the list of top cities with a great opportunity for work and play.

Fischer Homes

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