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Pricing – All pricing are to be competitively priced for a minimum of one (1) year from date of payment of first job. The following years will be determined based on the housing market conditions. All price adjustments must be communicated in writing to Fischer Purchasing Manager with a minimum of sixty- (60) day notice.

Prompt Pay – Bi-weekly pay is available (payments submitted Thursday and approved will be paid on or about the third subsequent Friday). Identify any prompt payment discounts in addition to your bid pricing provided that Fischer Homes were to pay Bi-weekly or monthly.

The following items pertain to material suppliers:

Rebate Program – Identify any rebate programs based on usage (i.e. closings, lnft. of product, sqft. of product, etc.) invoiced by The Fischer Group on a quarterly basis. Usage based at time of product payment date. Rebates paid by vendor within 30 days of invoice.

Model / Market Program – Model/market home will be free (primarily suppliers) not to exceed ratio of one (1) model/market home per fifty (50) homes built. (For example: 1,200 closings = 1,200/50 = 24 free model / market homes).

New Communities – typically, as new communities are awarded, discounts on the first two homes are offered to the builder (for example: 5% discount on first two homes built in a new community)

Warranty – Subcontractor, at its sole expense, will promptly complete all warranty service work covered by Builder’s one-year limited warranty including, but not limited to, the two warranty procedures offered to Builder’s customers at approximately three (3) months (“initial”) and twelve (12) months (“final”) after the closing of the home. Subcontractor is only responsible for completing the warranty service work relating to its original work.

Standards – all vendors must abide by local homebuilders association as listed below:

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky: NAHB – Residential Construction Performance Guidelines

Indianapolis: NAHB – Residential Construction Performance Guidelines

Columbus: NAHB – Residential Construction Performance Guidelines

Atlanta: NAHB – Residential Construction Performance Guidelines

Please forward all questions to:

Phil Westerfield
Corporate Purchasing Manager
Jim Downard
Market Purchasing Manager
Michele Gray
Market Purchasing Manager
Northern Kentucky
Lanny Rossman
Market Purchasing Manager
Jeff Shaw
Market Purchasing Manager
Jorge Espinosa
Market Purchasing Manager
Nathan Nicol
Market Purchasing Manager
Brandon Murphy
Market Purchasing Manager
Victoria Stockwell
Market Purchasing Manager
St. Louis