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Radio hosts Jon and Toria chat about their home building journey and talk with industry experts about architecture, design options, financing, new vs. old, and much more!

Episode 1: Just Breathe, It's Gonna Be OK!

Buying a house can seem overwhelming, and you might not know where to begin. Alisha Woodeshick will show you where to start!

Episode 2: New > Used. Choose Inspiration over Perspiration

Decisions, decisions! Steve Whaley shares why choosing a new home will leave you feeling inspired and less stressed.

Episode 3: Our Design Experts Make It Personal

One of the best parts of building a new home is getting to pick out all the stuff! Kristie Patterson guides you through working with the Fischer Homes design experts to truly make your new home your own.

Episode 4: PMI, LTV, OMG! All the Steps to Stress-Free Financing

Elizabeth Breitenstein uncovers the myths about financing a new home, including how much you can afford, how much you have to put down, credit scores, and what to look for in a lender.

Episode 5: The 3 Questions You HAVE to Ask Before Building a Home

Is it worth it? Which builder should I choose? Tom Hansen from Fischer Homes answers these questions you may be asking yourself and more.

Episode 6: A Five-Level What?

Go behind the design with Dan O’Connell, and find out how and why floorplans are created—whether it is a ranch, two-story or a 5-level home.

Episode 7: Where and what to build... Take your pick!

Not sure where you want to build? Emily Murray explains location is everything—not only the community you build in but the homesite itself.

Episode 8: Put a Red Bow on It

You've heard of all the reasons why you should build a new home, but what about all of the reasons why you should choose Fischer Homes? Carrie Rogiers walks you through the decision. If you are interested in speaking with a New Home Specialist, contact one at

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