This truly one-of-a-kind service from our designers and outstanding resource center allows you to preview the products that will be in your new home and offers a palette of exciting ideas on how to create a home that reflects your individual lifestyle. Make all the selections you want to create your dream home!



After you have selected a home you’ll be extended an invitation to visit our Lifestyle Design Center. Each major metro area Fischer Homes serves has its own design center for convenient access. To learn more about the design center nearest you and for hours and directions click to visit a Design Center.



The Design Center incorporates all of the elements you need to consider when selecting the perfect home for you. The exterior section will guide you through roofing choices, paint colors and more. As you consider interior options you can look at carpet and flooring, wall finishes and doors. The kitchen section contains numerous cabinets and countertops with all of today’s latest styles. In the appliances section you’ll choose from a wide variety of cooking appliances as well as washers, dryers and more. There are both hanging and wall mounted lighting choices in the lighting section. Take advantage of the options section in your new home which includes several home-enhancing choices in climate control, electronics and media, central vacuum and more.



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Fischer Homes Design Center

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Our Preview Times

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Our Designers Include You

Experienced design consultants guide you every step of the way in the selections you are making for your new home.  Fischer Homes designers will work with you to choose the color palette the exterior and interior of your new home that matches your tastes with the latest in design trends and classic styling.  Your design consultant will also assist with your cabinet, counter, flooring and finish choices to be sure they reflect your own unique style and to create the dream home your have always wanted.